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  1. Homage to Hector
    Homage to Hector
  2. Fiat Lux
    Fiat Lux
  3. Kells Six
    Kells Six
  4. Silhouette
  5. The Letter
    The Letter
  6. St. George
    St. George
  7. Leo
  8. Red Bird
    Red Bird
  1. St. Matthew
    St. Matthew
    Four Gospels Series
  2. St. Mark
    St. Mark
    Four Gospels Series
  3. St. Luke
    St. Luke
    Four Gospels Series
  4. St. John
    St. John
    Four Gospels Series
  5. Spring
  6. Summer
  7. Autumn
  8. Winter
  9. The Deer's Cry
    The Deer's Cry
  10. Soli Deo Gloria
    Soli Deo Gloria
  11. The Magdalene
    The Magdalene
  12. Prayer Box
    Prayer Box
  13. The Hare
    The Hare
  14. The Crane
    The Crane
  15. The Big Dog
    The Big Dog
  16. The Unicorn
    The Unicorn
  17. Circle of Friends
    Circle of Friends
  18. Arachne
  19. Celtic Brothers
    Celtic Brothers
  20. Cathedral Birds
    Cathedral Birds
  21. Garden House
    Garden House
  22. Peace on Earth
    Peace on Earth
  23. Sea Spray
    Sea Spray
  24. Highlands
  25. Welsh Landscape
    Welsh Landscape
  26. Cautious Bird
    Cautious Bird